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Nude Sex Cams and Cheap Phone Sex

Nude Webcam Girls and their Cheap Phone Sex counterparts have always been a welcome addition to my adult entertainment. Back in the days before the internet invaded our life, if you wanted to have immediate adult fun with someone and wished to avoid the drudgery of dating, all you had to do was to pick up a phone, dial a number and voila…  A hot sexy chick would be on the other side of the phone line, and the fun, the real fun would then begin… At the fraction of the cost of what a date would cost.  Times then were great.

And then they became even better!  With technological advancements so incredible that we hardly notice them today, a new platform emerged that would literally revolutionize the internet.  Yep, I am talking of non others that the emergence of sex web cam, of such quality that over time, it is now possible to interact with someone at the opposite side of the world and think they’d be right there.

It is often forgotten, unknown, or simply ignored that it is the adult industry who played a major role in the development of the world of web cams. Indeed, with the rise of the internet, the people who owned phone sex lines were quick to realize that they could make phone sex even better by adding a visual element, and all that was needed was to develop the technology to make this possible.

And thus they set out to develop such a technology (live cams) which has now become mainstream, and by this, I mean that industries who provide live cams which have nothing to do with live sex cams have certainly benefited from this.

If you love one on one, private and personal experience with a girl, and you used cheap phone sex for that, then you’ll also love the naked web cam girls who perform on their live cam sites.

How much does this all cost?

You can get hooked up and enjoy phone sex chats for as low as 25cents a minute. If you want to go beyond hookups and connect with a phone sex girl, then cost can vary from $1.69 to $1.99 per minute. You might want to know why the difference in price between the three and it is very simple. For 25 cents per minute, you get to start a process by which you can hookup with local people who live in your area. It is then a question of seduction and chemistry, but these folks have something in common with you. They’re after adult fun. The difference between $1.69 and $1.99 is a matter for the service provider of her own valuation. (Like the difference between two cars who have the same specs really.) Is there such a thing as free phone sex? I am afraid, other than your girlfriend or wife, you’re not likely to find any such offer, unless you purchase packages of say 3 calls and get a 4th one for free.

As for sex cams, there again it depends on which cam site you go to. By and large, you can get deals for around $1 per minute, depending on the time of day, promotions a particular host offers etc.. Is there Free Sex Cam Chat? Yes. Most sites will allow you to view and chat for free, but the reason they’re there in the first place is make money. There is no such a thing as a free ride, and that very much applies to naked web cams. Some companies will allow their performers to be as hardcore in front of their cameras as they want to be, but you will receive numerous requests for tips, which I myself find annoying.

What about fetish, kinks and other such delicious fantasies. My own personal experience is that if that’s what you want, then phone sex is what you should seek. Indeed this is the one media that allows for brain titillation and we all know that sex starts in the brain. Over time, I have experiences aspects of my “inner self” that I don’t think a sex cam might have allowed. Not as uninhibited at least, and this is one area where phone sex outscores sex cam sites.